Start using the equity in your home today

Iron Bank

With a Home Equity Line of Credit you can use your home’s value to secure the cash flow you need to finance home improvements or unexpected expenses.

Home Equity Line of Credit Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 8.00% for the first year. Thereafter, the APR will be based on the Prime Lending Rate as published in the Wall Street Journal minus 0.50% and adjusts quarterly. Prime Rate currently 8.50% as of 7/27/2023. Iron Country checking account with automatic deduction payment option required to be eligible for initial 12 month 8.00% APR and for 0.50% rate discount after the first year. New outstanding balance of $25,000 or more required at closing. If the line of credit agreement is paid down below $25,000 or closed within the first month after commencing a prepayment fee of $350 applies. Loans of greater than $50,000 are subject to a $250 origination fee. Title insurance required for loans greater than $100,000. On loans less than $100,000 a copy of current title insurance required. If not provided, the purchase of title insurance will be required. 1-4 family owner-occupied properties only. Property insurance required. Rates vary by overall credit worthiness and loan-to-value ratio of each applicant. Rates subject to change without notice. All New York state loans involving a lien on real estate will price at 1/4% above the posted rates. The bank’s credit criteria apply. Subject to a Minimum of 4% and a Maximum of 18% over the life of the loan after the initial one-year promotional rate period with Iron Country Banking relationship and new outstanding balance.